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Fill-In-The-Blank Contracts: Quickly Collect Valuable Client Information

Fill-In-The-Blank Contracts: Quickly Collect Valuable Client Information

Fill-in-the-blank contracts are here!  Save yourself–and your clients–a boatload of time! When you empower your clients to fill-in-the-blanks on their contract, you can collect valuable information faster.  Cut down on distracting back-and-forth emails or texts with these handy new contracts. Quickly and easily collect valuable client information like home address, venue address, phone number, names, and more - right within their contract.


Learn how to use them HERE.


Do we have to have the contact saved before creating the new fill-in-the-blank contracts? If not, after the client fills it out can we save as a contact from the contract, or do we have to copy/paste? 

Hi @ChristinaLeach! You’ll need to create a new contract template (or edit an existing template). Once you add the fillable fields to the template, you can create a new contract for your client from the template. Hope that helps!


This is super exciting!! I’m curious to know if I require my client to fill out their address information on the contract, will it then automatically fill in those fields back on their contact card? :thinking::pray:  I have found that to be one of the most time consuming tasks (collecting my clients’ addresses and phone numbers).

Thank you! It is so good feature that I will start to use contracts now :-)

I made a test - everything works perfectly, but I have one little problem..

I am in Estonia. But I can’t choose Estonia in my profile for my home country (there is no Estonia:-)). So I had to choose nearest (Finland). I have A LOT of questions from clients why they have Finland in their invoices.. But okei. I can handle it.

When I ask client to sign contract, the information will appear for them in FINNISH language.. Uuuhh.. My part of contract will come in english. I know that I can change language in client GALLERY but I dont have galleries yet when I send contracts.

Is there any way you can add ESTONIA to your country list (we dont need estonian language, english is ok) or I can solve this problem in some other way? Finnish language is just not accepted. Until it is so I can’t use this great feature 😞 😞 😞 But IT IS really great!!

@Tina Swain Apologies - I just saw the question you asked above! No, when they add their info, it won’t automatically populate as Contact info for them - Great idea though! I’ll be sure to share it with the team :)

@NeleTasane When you choose your location, not only does it effect the language, but the currency as well, so that would be another consideration. For now, I’ll let the team know that you’d like to see Estonia added! And you might try reaching out to our support team at to see if they have any recommendations on how you can handle this in the meantime :)

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