Product Update

April 2021 Roundup!

🎼It’s gonna be MAY!  May the 4th be with you, and Happy Cinco de Mayo! So much to look forward to in May, but before the festivities begin, let’s take a quick look back at a few items the ShootProof team worked on in April.


In your studio panel:

😎 Some studios trying to connect Braintree or PayPal Pro reported that they were unable to use the Test Payment Gateway Credentials feature. The team identified the issue and resolved the problem

🤓A few studios let us know that that when they tried to create a Privilege Preset for a Linked Contact, the settings were not saving correctly. We’ve resolved the issue and the feature is now working as expected.

💸 We continue to see US studios switching from Legacy ShootProof Payments to the new ShootProof Pay, powered by Stripe. If you haven’t added ShootProof Pay yet, head on over to Account > Accept Credit Cards to make the switch today!

When looking at my income, I don’t like that I now have to do extra clicks to get to the now standard shootproof payment platform. When will that switch over from legacy?

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