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April 2020 Roundup!

April 2020 Roundup!


While much of the world has been forced to slow down, we've remained focused on new ways that ShootProof can help your photography business.

In your client galleries:

😎Announce sales, promos, and special messages right within your client galleries! Gallery banner messages are a quick and easy way to stay connected to your clients.

👏Some clients experienced trouble downloading "free digitals" when a PIN was required and multiple rules were enabled. The team has fixed the issue and digital rules are again working as expected.

In your studio panel:

🤩Connect with other photographers in the new ShootProof Community! Share ideas, find answers to your questions, chat with other ShootProof photographers in virtual meetups, and more.

🥳Stay on top of your clients' digital zip file delivery with our new Digital Delivery Failure dashboard notification. Your dashboard will now indicate when digital delivery emails are Dropped or Bounced, so you can proactively communicate with your clients.

🤓Some users experienced trouble editing and saving crops in client orders. The team identified the problem and saving crops in orders is now working as expected.

🙌Photo counts in some studio panels were reflecting incorrect numbers. The issue has been fixed and all studios can expect to see accurate photo counts.

Hi! It would be great if we could connect an auto album design to each gallery in order to boost album sales. It’s a great feature that is available on 

Thank you! 

I am still hoping for a TIP section in invoices, and a way to send mass emails to everyone or select people in my contacts like upcoming specials, etc.  Two big areas that are lacking. 

Love all the continual improvements! Would also love to see a separate store view for our galleries so that clients can view their product options. Similar to the newer Wall Art view of items in “Buy Photo” where you preview the photo as a canvas. I think this would be helpful for our clients when shopping through their gallery. 

Great job today, I am busy creating campaigns now

I would love to be able to remove the “Order Delivery Location” from the order print out.

I deliver my orders to the school and it’s very confusing for clients when their order says, “This order is going to be picked up at the studio” even though I’ve got it in SEVERAL locations that all orders are delivered to the school.

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