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  • 17 November 2021
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Since I have retired from wedding and portrait work, I’m using Shootproof to show and sell my art photography. I have initially built 5 galleries based on subject matter but I’m unable to have my customers navigate between galleries without them first having to return to my website to access the appropriate link. Can this be done in galleries? Alternatively, could I show the images under an album heading and have all the albums accessible with one link? Please advise. Thanks!


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Hey Danny, The best option here would be to have them all in one gallery and then separated into albums.  This will not only allow them to navigate between the albums easily, but will also allow them to purchase from different albums and have them all on the same order for shipping purposes.  Here is some information about creating albums:


Thanks Ashley!

Question: I currently have 5 galleries, the largest has about 60% of my total images. Should I keep that one and delete the other 4 and then re-upload the images from those 4 into the one remaining gallery, or is there an easier way to do it?





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