Using ShootProof's In-Gallery Black & White Filtering

  • 27 July 2020
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I cant seem to download images from the gallery in the black and white filtering. Is there a reason why I can’t? it says clients can view and order in BW filtering but I can’t seem to find the button where they can and when I download the gallery it only comes in colour.






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Hi @MichelleSchagen. Happy to help you here, and I’m sorry for the confusion. Have you found where to turn it on? head to your gallery, and then Settings > Gallery > toggle on Allow black & white filtering. 

When your client accesses the gallery, the black & white filtering option shows up beneath the individual photos: 

When the client places the order (for printing via a lab or digital), ShootProof will automatically convert that image to black and white. However, it won’t convert for Free Digitals. 

I hope this info helps you sort out why you’re unable to see it and how to best use that setting with your clients!

If you have any other questions, let me know!


Hi Megan,


thanks for that. That’s a pain it doesn’t work for free digitals. So when you say places and order through the lab or digital, what do you mean via digital? Is there no way to convert them to bw on shoot proof and then download them to the computer in that filtering?



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Is it an a idea if it is possible to add some personal luts in the future?

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@MichelleSchagen sorry for the delay, I missed the notification that you had responded. When I say place an order through lab or digital, “digital” refers to ShootProof fulfilled digitals. 

Correct, there is not a way to convert the images to B&W on Shootproof and then download them. You would need to use an editing software such as Lightroom to do that on your computer! 


@Markvan Dijk I’m not sure what a “luts” is, but to find out if something is an idea for the future, you can search in the main search bar on the home page in the community, or directly in the Share Your Ideas section to find out!

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Is it an a idea if it is possible to add some personal luts in the future?

Hi @Markvan Dijk,

The term Luts is general referred to color grading for video, it may be better to refer to it as a “filter” for photo purposes. I just did a quick search in the Ideas! section and didn’t see any request for additional color grades/filters, this might be a good opportunity to create one. If you go to “ShootProof Ideas” and fill out the request to share your idea.


Hope that helps!


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