Uploading problem not working and I think I broke the connection in Lightroom

  • 27 June 2022
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I have been trying to upload pictures from Lightroom through the plug in.  Not working.  I get an error of [nil].  I have tried clearing my cache.  Logging out of Lightroom, relogging in.  Logging out of Shootproof.  Not working.

In my last go around, I lost all my collections in Lightroom that I had synced with Shootproof.  Do I now have to reload all the collections again?  Will that confuse Shootproof?



1 reply

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Hi @BenjaminLowe , 

I think the easiest solution here would be to reach out to support so that they can look into your account specifically and provide advice - please reach out to them on Thanks!

 - Edel 


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