unable to upload images?

  • 25 May 2022
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I’ve noticed today my photos will not upload to any of my galleries right now. I’ve confirmed I am not at my storage limit and even deleted some just to make sure it wasn’t close. Any ideas if it’s just down or a bug or something? I’m trying to get a gallery out to a client.

1 reply

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Hi @StephaniePence !

So sorry to hear you’re having difficulties - this isn’t something I’ve seen reported in the community so far, but it would be best to contact support directly so that they can look into your account and see if there’s anything going on to prevent the upload. You can reach them at 

Additionally, (apologies for the obvious tips here but useful for others reading) - 

 - Make sure you are uploading in the correct format (i.e. not in RAW format)

 - Check your internet connection is steady

Hopefully support can help you rectify the issue soon!

 - Edel 


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