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Tip of the Week: Keep your Galleries Secure with Passwords!

Tip of the Week: Keep your Galleries Secure with Passwords!
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Gallery security basics:


Private: If your gallery is "private," only visitors who have the direct link to the gallery will be able to access the gallery. 

Public: If your gallery is "public," meaning it shows up on your ShootProof Homepage, anyone with the link to your ShootProof Homepage will be able to see that this Active gallery exists. If you have a password on the gallery, only visitors who know the password will be able to enter the gallery when they arrive.

Passwords can be used on both Public and Private galleries



Pre-release: Pre-Release is an optional gallery setting that will allow visitors to enter their email address prior to the photos being released for viewing and purchasing. ShootProof will collect the visitors' email addresses on your behalf, and they will be visible to you in the 'Gallery Visitors' view of your ShootProof Studio Panel.

Active: Active galleries are live and able to be viewed by visitors.

Inactive: Inactive galleries are not available for viewing.


Passwords should be complex, even for galleries, and contain a combination of letters and numbers. 


  • Password generators:
  • 1Password
  • Apple Keychain
  • Bitwarden


Don’t reuse passwords for multiple galleries!

Also, don’t use:

  • password
  • the name of the gallery
  • 123456

Want to know more about client security practices? Read on here!



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