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  • 23 August 2021
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Ok I hope this makes sense but i’m having trouble and not sure if i’m just missing something or if this isn’t the intended purpose…

I have a large gallery of baseball team photos and action shots. I sent the link to each parent who have now selected their favourites. I want to send an invoice to the email address, then send the images to each parent to download. 

In the gallery visitor report, it lists the persons email address and their selections. When I click on their 6 favourites, it only gives me the option to send the images to them do I streamline the process to create an invoice and now a new contact for each email if I only have their email address?? I don’t have their names or any other info. I want the option to click on their favourites selection and then click over to invoice them and create an album to download instead of directly sending the images. It would make more sense.

Seems cumbersome…

Has anyone else had a success with team/dance photos with a large client delivery base?

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Hi @AmandaR! I’m afraid I’ve never done what you’re asking, but without having an actual contact, there’s no way to create an invoice. 

Can you allow them to purchase through a cart? That way they select the images and enter their own information at checkout. 


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