• 28 April 2021
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I've been using shootproof for several months. It has been asked several times, also via the blog, to add stripe as a means of payment. To date, my customers are still unable to pay online as paypal and the other suggested methods do not work in Europe. Until now I have not heard anything about it. What is the point of being allowed to vote what will be made if nothing happens anyway? No communication is given about this. Please answer immediately, so that we finally know what is going to happen.


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3 replies

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Hi @Marc Daems, I’m looking into this for you. Thanks for your patience. 

In regards to the votes, they are reviewed by the product management team; this happened recently, and a report is being written up that will be in the Ideas section in the next week or so. 

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Can we please add Stripe added asap!

With the banks new 3D verification system, Braintree does not seem to be able to handle it and I am getting lots of declines. 

We use stripe for other services and it is flawless!

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Hey Ya’ll, 

I just checked in with the support team to ask about Stripe being added for other countries.  What I am being told is that since this is the first iteration of ShootProof Pay, they have rolled it out just in the US. They may introduce it in the future for international studios but this is still being determined.




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