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ShootProof's Uploading Suite

  • 1 September 2020
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ShootProof's Uploading Suite
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How do you upload your galleries to ShootProof?

Uploading one of the most important components of ShootProof, if not the very most! One common misconception among new and old users alike is that there is only one way to upload photos to ShootProof. I’m here to shout from the rooftops that this isn’t true! While you can easily use the “Add Photos” button within the browser, there are actually three ways you can upload photos to ShootProof. In today’s Tip of the Week, I’m highlighting all three uploading methods, from easiest to most advanced.


Upload Method #1: The Web Browser


Simple. Fast. Easy. With this uploading method, you can upload right within your browser using the “Add Photos” button. 

  1. Create a new gallery or open an existing galleries
  2. Select Add Photos and follow the prompts to choose your photos, select watermark settings and get them to the gallery quickly!


  • Simple and easy
  • Upload from anywhere
  • Supports uploads from mobile devices
  • Continue working in your ShootProof account by opening a new browser tab while the upload runs in the background


  • With this method, if there are any interruptions in your internet connection, the upload may fail. If you consistently use this method, be sure that you have stable internet connection. 
  • If you’re uploading a large gallery with high-resolution files, it may take longer to upload. 
  • Only supports uploading one gallery one at a time


Upload Method #2: Desktop Uploader


Ah, the Desktop Uploader. The unsung hero of our uploading suite. If someone is having browser trouble, it’s our #1 support tool to help them upload photos to the site quickly and efficiently. 

  1. Download the Desktop Uploader in your account by going to Photos > Tools or at our Knowledge Base.
  2. Authorize your ShootProof account by logging in with your ShootProof account credentials.
  3. Select photos (file folder or individually) 
  4. Choose to upload the photos to an existing gallery or create a new gallery
  5. Press upload and walk away


  • If there are any interruptions in your internet service or your have a slower internet connection, this is the preferred upload method for you! The Desktop Uploader will pause the upload if the connection is lost, and resume it automatically once the connection is restored.
  • If you’re uploading a large gallery (i.e. a wedding or event) you can queue up multiple galleries at the same time and see progress on each
  • You can upload to different brands all within the same application 
  • Album support. If you need to split your galleries into albums, the Desktop Uploader will do this work for you! If your folder structure has a main folder with subfolders, the system will automatically create albums based on those sub-folders. Just be sure you only have photos in those subfolders. This is a huge time-saver for wedding and school photographers alike!


  • You may prompted to authorize the Desktop Uploader each time you open the application.  


Upload Method #3: Lightroom Plugin


This is our most advanced uploading method, but if you consider yourself a Lightroom expert this may be the tool for you! With the Lightroom plugin, you can upload photos directly from Lightroom to ShootProof without needing to export the files first to your local drives. The best part - we launched a newly updated version of our plugin TODAY!

  1. Download the Lightroom plugin or go to Photos > Tools
  2. Follow the steps to install the plugin and authorize it with your ShootProof account credentials.
  3. Scroll to the ShootProof plugin in Lightroom
  4. Right-click on the plugin > Create Gallery / Album
  5. Give your gallery a name, choose an optional brand or preset
  6. Right-click on the gallery > Create Photo Collection
  7. Drag photos into the Photo Collection
  8. Publish!



  • Keep all of your work and edits in Lightroom
  • Save file space by not needing to export edited/resized files before uploading to ShootProof
  • Use the Duplicate Album Structure feature to save time when creating the same types of albums over and over
  • Easily chose your brand and preset within Lightroom
  • Making edits in Lightroom and republishing the same file will automatically replace the newly edited photos in the gallery. No need to delete files and re-upload. 


  • You’ll need a basic understanding of Lightroom
  • Typically requires a fast and stable internet connection 
  • You’ll need to make all edits to gallery names/album names and photos in Lightroom itself. It can get out of sync if you upload with Lightroom and make edits to the gallery structure in ShootProof. 

Ready to learn more? We’re covering all the aspects of the new plugin in this week’s webinar “Save Time with ShootProof's Improved Lightroom Plugin.” Join Karen on Thursday, September 3rd at 1pm to see all of the updates in action. Register today.

As always, our Support team is available to answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us at support@shootproof.com or give us a call at 866-516-5130.


What’s your preferred method of uploading galleries to ShootProof? Do you have any tips or tricks to share with the Community? Post below!


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To whom it may concern… I have tried using 2019 IPAD PRO to upload with zero success. I have used 4 different browsers with no luck. I ensured I had storage on my shootproof account and also a stable internet connection, which I did. I tried multiple ways uploading, to include using the “upload files” option and browsing to find my external hard-drive folder containing folder with photos. I also tried to “upload files” using the photos option and still no luck. With every attempt trying multiple ways, even trying my iphone X, as far as I could get is it to show the number of photos I was uploading, the button for upload, and lastly a quick progress bar then showing complete, but no photos came into gallery. It was still blank gallery. Need help


What was the fix for this? I am currently having this problem.


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