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  • 16 July 2022
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Hello everyone,I haven't been able to upload photos in Shootproof for a while now. Which is very annoying, because customers are waiting for it. Get a notification (see photo) that I've had before, but often it worked after that. Tried different browsers. But everywhere the same error. When I send an email to shootproof I get an email that they are 'working on it'.. but it takes me too long. Does anyone know what to do? Otherwise I'll have to switch unfortunately (which I'd rather not)Regards,Hendri (Netherlands)

3 replies

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Hi Hendri, 

Unfortunately this isn’t something we can help with in the community as it sounds as if it is an account specific issue - I use Shootproof daily for my business without issue. Perhaps give the team a call so that you can talk through any potential troubleshooting in live time with them? You can reach them at (866) 516-5130.


 - Edel 

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hi Edel,i reported the problem a while ago and several times over the past few weeks, other than that the problem is known and they are working on it i haven't seen much happen. A great program to use further..  :-)
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Hi @Hendri 

I do see that our team has this issue logged with our development team for further investigation, but unfortunately we do not have any updates to provide yet. 

That being said, the issue you’ve described can sometimes happen if you are running anti-virus software, or anti-tracking software on your computer. Do you have a program enabled on your computer for this? 


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