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  • 7 November 2020
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I’m new to Shootproof….I’m trying to share an Album not a gallery and use templates...but the Email template Type dropdown is grayed out.  How can I use templates when sharing albums?  I know that is works for sharing Galleries.


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3 replies

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Hi Tammy,

I am new to the mentor team here in Shootproof and am going back through to help answer questions that were previously unanswered.  I hope that you were able to find an answer to this question last year, but in the event that you did not, you are not able to share just an album within a gallery.  If you want the client to have direct access to just those photos, you would need to create a separate gallery.


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You can share just an album, I’ve been doing that all week… you just click share album under manage albums!!! But I haven't found a way around the greyed out email either so I had to create a preset where I used the banner and gallery info setting to add the info that I would have shared in the email such as the download instructions so that it comes up as a pop up when they go into their album.


This feature needs to be updated. It’s so cumbersome to go into each individual album and manually enter an email address (mostly for volume galleries where I need to send 100 albums to different emails).


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