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  • 2 May 2022
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My wedding clients are expecting about 600 images. I often have several hundred additional images. I’d like to offer those additional images as an upsell when the gallery is delivered. I’m using Linked Contacts and have historically allowed them to download full-resolution of the entire gallery. I like the idea of the client seeing an additional album that is “locked” (password protected), while the remainder of their gallery is fully accessible (viewing and downloading). I want them to see that additional images are available, but they must purchase access to the additional images.

How do I do this while preventing the Linked Contact from viewing and downloading the password protected album?

1 reply

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Hi @Dajuan,


You can definitely set something like this up in your Gallery. In this instance, I’d recommend separating the images into two Albums within the gallery. Then, you can set an Album-Level ‘Free Digitals’ rule on the Album you’d like them to have Unlimited downloads for, and the other Album can be available by purchase only. You can even add that Album Price in your Price Sheet by going to the Digitals Group > Toggle on the “All Photos in an Album” option & set a Price.


Once you’ve divided the photos into two albums you can create that ‘Free Digitals” rule and apply it to the specific Album. Go to Photos > Galleries > Click into the Gallery > Gallery Settings > Free Digitals > Create New Rule > Then you’ll choose the option, “Visitors to a Specific Album” > Select the Album. If you do not want all visitors to be able to download or see the contents of the Album, you can set a PIN too.


Then, once this is set up, your client will be able to download the photos from one Album, and purchase photos from the other. 


Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any other questions 🙂


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