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Save time with gallery presets

  • 28 April 2020
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Save time with gallery presets
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Are you editing each of your gallery settings individually when you create gallery? Don’t do it! Save time and energy by using gallery presets. 

Gallery presets are one of the most under-used features in ShootProof.

So what is a gallery preset? It’s a way to save your settings for common gallery types that can be applied before the gallery is created. 

So grab yourself a cup of coffee, set aside 15-20 minutes, and let’s create a few gallery presets!

  1. First, go to Photos > Galleries > Gallery Presets. If you’ve never created one before, you’ll notice that you have a Default Preset already created for you. If your galleries are mainly the same, use the Default Preset but it might make sense to create a few based on the types of galleries you traditionally create. 



  2. To create a new preset, select New Preset. Give it a name. This will be internal to you and not visible to clients. (Pro tip: keep them name simple so it’s easy to reference on the fly.) 



  3. When you’re in the preset, you’ll notice it looks almost identical to the settings page for a regular gallery. Go through each of the settings tab on the left-hand side to make the appropriate choices, like whether the gallery needs to be public, private, have a password, and more. Set up Free Digitals, turn on your Shopping Cart to always allow for sales in the gallery, and in the Advanced tab, choose an email campaign to automate your client emails, hands-free. 



  4. Once you’ve created the first one, don’t stop the momentum. Create different presets for the different types of photography that you offer. These could be Family Portraits, Mini Sessions, Engagement, Headshots, Newborn, or any other type of photography that you regularly shoot. 



  5. Once you set this up, you’ll be able to choose the present when creating the gallery and these settings will be applied. It’s that simple! Once the gallery is created, you’ll save time by only having to make smaller tweaks instead of applying all of the settings at once. 



Did you know? Creating Gallery Presets is featured in Key #3 of ShootProof’s 5 Keys to Success. 👊

Stuck? Contact our all-star Support Team for assistance. We’re here to help! 

(866) 516-5130, M-F 9am-5pm EST

4 replies


I set up galleries with IRIS, is there a way to add a preset to the gallery after it’s been set up? 

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@BarbWeir When uploading a gallery through IRIS, the settings applied should be from your default gallery present. There’s not currently a way to apply a preset to an existing gallery. It’s a feature request, so be sure to vote on that idea here: https://shootproof.community/share-your-ideas-31/apply-a-gallery-preset-to-an-existing-gallery-224 :)


Hello! How can I delete presets that I don’t use anymore?

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Hello! How can I delete presets that I don’t use anymore?


Yes, this! How are they deleted?


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