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  • 14 September 2020
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Hi there!  I thought I had the promo code thing figured out for my corporate groups, but apparently not. When I shoot large corporate groups, each individual gets 1 free retouched image.  I send the gallery to my booking client then they forward the gallery to the employees.  Each employee has an album.  My problem is, when a person orders more than one image, the promo code is giving them BOTH photos for free instead of charging for one.  This mean that there is one less free photo allotted for the group.  Anyone know what Im doing wrong? 

Thank you in advance.



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3 replies

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Hey @KellyWilliams, can you post screen shots of your promo code set up so we can take a look? Thanks!



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Thanks!! It looks like the issue is with the very last setting: How many times can this discount be used? You have this set at 3 times per checkout, which means that in the same checkout, one customer can use this discount for 3 items that meet your qualifications. Change that to [1] and then test it out for yourself to see if that works as intended. Check back and let me know!

We also have brand new videos explaining each type of discount that you can find here for future reference! 


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