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  • 29 November 2020
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Hello. According to the little video ‘Get to know price sheets’, Shootproof is “ in agreed with some of the best print labs worldwide”.  So ‘worldwide’ is outside the USA and as far as I can see there is Loxely lab in the UK but no other lab in Europe.  

Or have I missed one/some? 

So my question is where are these ‘worldwide’ selection of the best print labs located? 


Many thanks. 

Paul Oatway



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2 replies

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Hi Paul,

I am new to the mentor team here in Shootproof and am going back through to help answer questions that were previously unanswered.  We do have several labs available as we have options throughout the globe, however, not every area has access to every lab, so Loxely is currently the only lab option for Europe.


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Thank you Ashley.  But its not exactly ‘worldwide’ if Loxely, who are not in Europe anymore because they are in the UK,  is the only lab option for Europe.  I have to look elsewhere for quantity and quality printing.    Paul Oatway.  OATWAYPHOTO.


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