Post-webinar chat: Who's your favorite ShootProof Partner lab and why do you love them?

  • 27 August 2020
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Hi friends! I hope you enjoyed today’s webinar :blush:  Let’s chat here about your favorite ShootProof lab.

Question: Have you had a great experience with a lab, or do love a certain product that one of our labs offers? We’d love to hear about it!

If you’re new to lab-fulfilling, but aren’t sure which lab is right for you, be sure to follow this post!

7 replies


Hi Karen, 

very informative and well presented webinar. I am just getting started with shootproof and plan to use Bay Photo. What is the best way to add framing options to my price sheet.

Thanks, Barbara 

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Hi Karen, great webinar as usual.
I did ask one question which was missed and I wondered if you could take a look at it here.

Your lab prices look extremely competitive, here in the UK we can only use Loxley through ShootProof. Their postage is very expensive, Is there any chance you can extend this to another UK company.


Hey Karen,


Thank you for the presentation.  I have a question about clients paying.  Would I link a CC or Bank account as a merchant or is it through Shootproof merchant?  How do I receive the funds?  I am an artist so this is a weak area for me.


Thank you,


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@BARBARABRUNDAGE Since our partner labs don’t offer framed prints through ShootProof (yet 🤞🏼) the best way to sell them is to set them up as self-fulfilled items. Here’s some info on how to do that:

I would suggest setting up a lab price sheet, and adding those framed items as self-fulfilled. :)


@Sean Cameron I’m sorry we didn’t get to your question - Lauren saw the question after we ended and was going to reach out directly, so I’m glad you posted here!  If you’ll go to the Ideas section of the community, you’ll see that there are people voting for that right now 🙂 Be sure to add your vote and mention any specific labs that you prefer!


@RichardTaylor If you’re in the US, you can use PayPal Pro,, or our integrated payment gateway, ShootProof Payments. ShootProof Payments links to your bank account, as do the others, I believe 🙂 You can choose to have payments sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Here’s more info on the payment processor options. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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I heart Miller’s lab! After interacting with them and seeing their products first-hand at WPPI and Imaging, I KNEW I needed the velvet covered albums for my boudoir clients! 💖


I’m excited to use professional labs. I have had other photographers recommend Millers MPIX and Bay. so looking forward to getting back my first “professional” print! Thanks for all the info in the webinar!

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@Amylynnrt MPIX is a brand of Miller’s. You can order test prints from Millers, MPIX, and Bay directly from your galleries- if you need help sorting it out, make a post and I’ll show you!


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