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  • 10 March 2021
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I offer Wall packages & Keepsake Packages.  The Wall packages have sections like Wood Prints, Canvas Prints, Gallery Block Prints.  The Keepsake packages have sections like Photobooks, Gift Prints.


All in all, they have to scroll through over a hundred options.  


Being able to group packages would be better.  “Wall Art Package” etc.


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5 replies

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@MichelleMatta Are you using ShootProof Packages on your price sheet, or creating self-fulfilled packages? I’m having a hard time visualizing your setup, but yeah, scrolling through over a hundred options is definitely not ideal. Can you take a couple of screen shots to share here in the comments?


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In the 3rd photo, the Wall Art packages down the side - are those all of your packages? What are the variants between all of the different packages?


Do you guide your clients through the options in a sales meeting/gallery reveal, or is it up to them to decide what they want from reading through the options?


I’m asking to try and understand your process, so that I don’t make a suggestion that wouldn’t apply.  To me, it seems overwhelming and like it would cause decision overwhelm or fatigue. What’s the feedback from your clients who have shopped this way?

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I’m sorry Megan, I thought I responded to this.  To answer your question:


The Wall Art Packages down the side…...they are different configurations of wood prints.  I also offer different configurations of canvas prints and gallery blocks.  So there’s 3 options under “Wall Art”.  


They all cost the same price, but they have to pick which configuration they want.


We do a sales meeting about a week after our photo session, and I can walk them through it - but it’s still so overwhelming to go through each section.


I’m enclosing a screenshot of what my wall art looks like from a visual standpoint (All the configurations on this screenshot are the same price, my client just has to pick which one they wanted)

.  I just can’t figure out how to add this to ShootProof in a practical way.  

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Hi @MichelleMatta 

Apologies for the huge delay in responding to this - Megan moved on to a new position not long after your last response and it has taken some time to get to older questions posted - I came across this one in the “clean up” and I wanted to reach out to see if you ever found a resolution to your issue here? 

From what I can see posted, my first thoughts are similar to Megan’s in that it appears it would be quite overwhelming for the client. Have you considered putting the majority of the information in terms of configurations into a product guide that you can send out (digitally or print), and then simply listing the configuration titles in a package on Shootproof? I’m not sure if this would resolve your issue or if I’m missing something. 

 - Edel


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