• 28 February 2021
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Many folks have asked for a change in navigation; the Home Link in a Gallery just returns to the Gallery page, rather than the ShootProof Home or, in  my case, to the main website. Visitors are "stuck" in the Gallery without being able to return to the main website. 

I have integrated my galleries with a subdomain of my main website, using a CNAME addition in the DNS Zone to point to the subdomain.

I have made a note in the popup message for each gallery telling folks how to return to the main site, but unfortunately many don't read. I believe that SEO would benefit greatly also from having a proper Home link.

I tried using the <iframe> embed, but “The embed code works in self-hosted Wordpress sites (through and not in the free Wordpress sites (; javascript is not supported by sites.” I even installed two plugins on my page which should allow javascript functions -Advanced Custom Fields and Code Embed, but the shopping cart still would not go to Checkout.

So...I hope someone can resolve this predicament. Having web visitors at a “dead end” is terrible customer experience and terrible for SEO. As much as I like the ShootProof Gallery presentation, having excellent site architecture and optimized SEO is essential in this highly competitive field. 

Thanks for your time.



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Thank you for your thoughtful explanation of this, @Dan Eskelson. I’m going to link this with the idea proposing the home page link to make sure they are seen together by our product team. 




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