My little home icon on the top of the thumbnails page of a gallery is not active.

  • 21 January 2021
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On the page that shows all the thumbnails of images in a gallery, across the top of the page is a bar several icons (HOME, INFO, AND FAVORITES).


Nothing happens when I click on HOME.  In fact, the cursor doesn’t even show it’s linked. With the other two icons the cursor changes to a hand with a pointy finger. 


What can I do to make that active?




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4 replies


Here is a photo of the icon I’m talking about.


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@MicheleStapleton , you’re correct. That button is currently broken, but our team is aware of it! I’m not sure when we’ll see a fix, but I’ll add your name to the list of folks to notify when it is working again!


Wouldn’t be a bad idea to just remove it until it can be fixed.


I found these posts from 4 months ago when searching for the above issue. I haven’t signed up for a paid account yet but considering it. I hope this isn’t indicative of the speed at which issues are resolved. 


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