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  • 28 April 2020
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Is there a way to add multiple contacts to a gallery?  For example, I shoot a lot of editorial content, and I often need to send the proofs to multiple people consistently - like the art director, project manager, retoucher, etc.  Right now I can only assign one contact to the folder, and then I have to constantly manually add additional contacts.  It would be much more convenient to assign multiple contacts to a gallery.


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6 replies

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Hi @StephenDeMent! Right now that’s not an option, but it’s something we’ve heard from other photographers as well. Thanks for sharing how you’d use it as well - I’ll add your vote and use case to the request for that to be updated!


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You can always use the shareable link and create a group email outside of ShootProof. Require the users to enter an email address so that their favorites are noted by account.


We second this!


We often want to send emails to a couple, but can only link one contact. We usually then copy the email we send to the contact and send another email through Shootproof to the other person.


It would be really nice to link multiple contacts to a gallery, with the option to send as a BCC. It would simplify the process, especially if we are sharing the gallery with multiple people or family members, which does happen. Of course we can do this outside Shootproof with a shareable link, but we would really like this option in Shootproof!


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I would also like to see an option to upload an excel file of emails. We shoot school formals and it would be easier to get the emails of seniors parents from the school and load  them in one go. we have used the event APP on iPAds which works well but slows down the process on the night.


@Megan any news on this?





This is very disappointing to discover - I feel like I just wasted a lot of time migrating from Pixieset, which does let me send emails to multiple recipients. I often have as many as 4 recipients a client would like their photos copied to (assistants and so on) and it’s prohibitively time consuming for my team to redo the email four times, on a deadline - especially since, after sending one email, I get kicked back to the gallery page and not the album I’m currently working on sending.

Hoping to hear a solution is forthcoming? 


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