Moving albums once uploaded using desktop uploader


Hi there, 


just wondering if i can move albums around once uploaded through the desktop uploader?

the desktop uploader only gives the option to select a gallery.

i need to upload the set of albums into a customers gallery. I.E


  • March Event
  • June Event



  • March event
  • July Event

alternatively if i can upload the event straight into the clients folder it would be great using the desktop uploader. events have multiple days and galleries hence the required use of desktop uploader for the folder creation.


Appreciate your help.


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Hi @RodneyNdaira,

I understand what you are trying to do; however, I don’t think you can accomplish it as easily as you would like. From the ShootProof uploader, you can upload your events into an existing Gallery; however, you could need to go into your ShootProof account to add those photos to an Album.

Also, you can move/manipulate your albums, but you can only do so inside of the gallery in which the album was created. 

When you are in your gallery via the web, you can manage your albums on the left hand side (see image), but you can’t move those album to another gallery.


Hope that answers your question.



@Matt Specht thank you for your reply.

I kind of figured out that much and was hoping there was a way around it.

it sort of defeats the purpose of the desktop uploader if you can only put them in the root folder. I am trying to get away from creating separate folders as some events spam over 12 days and we have in excess of 150 folder a day.



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@RodneyNdaira, Yea I totally get it. They did just put out a new Tip that explains how to use the uploader in a little more detail.

Save time with the Desktop Uploader

It still doesn’t address your issue, but it does explain it a little more in depth. It might be able to add additional folders to existing client folder if you tried uploading the client root folder. For example; First upload would be Rodney/ - March Event. Then next month you select Rodney/ - June Event. 

I will play around with it and see if it’s possible.



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