Is there a way to prevent Shootproof from changing the dimensions of images?

  • 28 August 2021
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I will use one photo as an example to explain further:

Prior to uploading the image to my client gallery, the dimensions were 4961 x 3312.

While troubleshooting, I uploaded the image into a Shootproof gallery and then downloaded it from the front end of the gallery myself as if I were a client.
The version downloaded from Shootproof has dimensions of 900 x 601.

Is there a way to prevent this and provide my clients with the full resolution file via Shootproof? This is creating issues when my client is trying to order larger scale products such as canvases.

Thank you!



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@CBD If you have full resolution downloads enabled, your downloaded files should have the same dimensions as they did when you uploaded them. Without seeing your settings, it’s impossible for me to troubleshoot here, but the team at will be happy to help! Send a quick email their way with these images and they’ll get back to you quickly :)



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