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  • 26 July 2020
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I am considering using shootproof to start accepting payments from my clients. I am currently using Quickbooks because of its accounting abilities but would love to be able to have everything automated and in one place- this bouncing back and forth is daunting. Does shootproof offer a print out with the breakdown in sales come tax season? This is the only thing that is holding me back and I can't seem to find the answer.



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Hi @CourtneyFiala,


ShootProof does give you reporting ability on all your sales done through ShootProof. Here is a screenshot of what that report looks like (this one is blank), but notice you can select the year you want to view, it has a total of all sales done for each month and you can download it via a .CSV file as well.

There is also some other reporting features as well, I’ve attached sample screenshots of other options possible.

Hope this helps answer your question!



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