Image file sizes from lightroom.

  • 16 June 2022
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Apparently the file sizes from my new camera are huge,….when I export from Lightroom to jpeg they are still too big for me to upload to shootproof.


I know how to export for print, and how to export for web etc,…. 

but can anyone tell me the exact settings I could use when exporting from Lightroom, with shootproof in mind, keeping highest image quality possible for printing purposes.

(currently exporting as standard, …..resolution 300, 100% image quality, JPEG, SRGB,….)


I would be so grateful.


Thank you!


3 replies

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Hi @victoriafrancisca 

Currently, ShootProof allows you to upload .jpg files that can be up to 50MB in size each. What size are the files you are exporting from Lightroom?


Keep me posted!

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30,8 MB Dimensions 9504x6336 foro example

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30,8 MB Dimensions 9504x6336 foro example

I’m guessing you may be shooting Sony AR7 or similar? With those dimensions you’ve mentioned, the average file size would be around 60.2 mb which is a little larger than the max size allowed by Shootproof - you would need to reduce file size (which can be set in Lightroom on export page) or reduce quality slightly in order to lower file size. In saying that, you mention that the file size here was half that at 30.8mb - if this is accurate there is likely something else going on entirely, as that size is within the boundaries for Shootproof to accept uploading. 

 - Edel 


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