How to stop screenshot?

  • 1 August 2022
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How to stop clients from screenshot the photos in the gallery without buying the prints?



Best answer by Siobhan 2 August 2022, 17:19

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Hi @RobertKearney 


Your client galleries are right-click protected, meaning clients cannot right click and save a photo to their computers.

However, there is no system or program right now that can stop a client from taking a screenshot of an image from your galleries, unfortunately.  :(

We recommend adding watermarks to your photos in ShootProof to prevent screenshots. How do I add watermarks to the photos in my galleries?

That being said, the resolution on the photos saved through a screenshot, are low -- clients would not be able to make large prints of your files, though of course I understand how it's disappointing to find out a client has shared your work if that wasn't your intention.


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