How many levels of albums can the Desktop Uploader upload?

  • 18 March 2021
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The Desktop Uploader can only upload 3x folder level depth whereas online page can handle up to 4x levels. Uploading large client galleries this is a major pain point we deal with!



3 replies

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@TCBSOperations I’m looking into whether this is a bug or how the Desktop Uploader was designed to work. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! 

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Hey @TCBSOperations a clarifying question on this - when you’re uploading to the desktop uploader, the gallery counts as one of the folders. Are you seeing Gallery > Album > Album or Gallery > Album > Album >Album? Can you share some screen shots of what you’re expereincing?



Hi Megan,

thx for following up.

For example when I create a folder which I want to upload to Shootproof gallery => I will add extra 4x levels of subfolders inside that folder because the folder I choose to upload is not actually created online as a folder only its content will.

Error Message  => after trying to upload a folder which has extra 4x levels of subfolders!


Finding the bug:

I know of 2x bugs with the desktop uploader has.

Scenario A:

  • want to upload folder with 4x level folders
  • error message “ too nested: folder structure….” appears
  • even after I delete 4th folder level and try to upload the same main folder again error message won’t disappear nor the upload window will start
  • only way around is to close and restart desktop uploader
  • then folder will be allowed to be uploaded

Scenario B: 4x level of folders not uploading

=> its really simple to test that there is something not right with the uploader. I remove the 4th level of subfolder and then upload will work fine but I end up with 3x levels of folders only. Once we enter into the Shootproof online platform I am able to create another sub-album below the 3rd level folder.

Desktop uploader is unable to create full 4x level depth but online portal permits that!

That is what we get by uploading a folder which has 1 as subfolder
=> which has 2 as subfolder      => which has 3 as subfolder

 However now inside the online portal I can create a sub-folder below 3!

This is what the desktop uploader is unable to do!

Am happy to show this live via a zoom call and share my screen anytime if my explanation is unclear.

or record and share a screen video

For large assignments this is quite important for our team and at the moment we avoid using the desktop uploader for it even though this is where it is most needed => for large projects and complex structured assignments.


Many Thanks for your time and Greetings.


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