How can I use Fundy Designer and ShootProof in my workflow?

  • 10 September 2020
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Does anyone use Fundy Designer for Wall Art and Album design and integrate it in their workflow with ShootProof? I currently use ShootProof for galleries and am thinking of beginning to do in person sales (or Zoom sales). Need a robust wall art and album design software so I can sell more to clients. I don’t want to invest in studio management software yet, but wonder if I can still make use of ShootProof for contracts and email to clients, then use Fundy to design and show during my sales consult. Fundy would produce a detailed invoice for me to take client payment and give them copy of invoice. Then could I go into ShootProof and produce just a one line item invoice to take payment? I would place print and album orders for Millers Lab directly through Fundy, but wall art orders would be placed manually, as Fundy doesn’t have a direct order relationship with the lab I use. Any suggestions?


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YES!!!  We use Fundy to do all our in person sales and then upload all the purchased images to shootproof where they place their loose print order 

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I love this question! I am sorting out the exact same thing for myself right now. @MakaylaJade do you build an invoice for the client or just have them use the shopping cart in ShootProof to place an order? Or do you place the order for them during the sales appointment?

You can absolutely use ShootProof for your contracts and invoicing- you can even save items to easily add them to your ShootProof invoices. It might be confusing for your clients to get one detailed invoice and one simple? Maybe not? Test it out and see!

One thing I’ve realized is that I’ll still have to order my Miller’s albums via Roe’s, because some of my albums don’t reach the page minimum for ordering via Fundy (20 pages, and my tiny album is 12 pages).

I do love that I can show Design Aglow frames in Fundy,  and I order my wall art directly through their website.  What lab are you using for wall art?


Yes, we finalize the order with them in person for their album + wall art.  I invoice everything in one place (we use 17hats as our payment processor/ crm) I’m sure you could do something similar in shootproof.  Then I upload all the purchased images to shootproof and they can download the watermarked images or purchase additional small prints for friends/ family through the cart. 

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Megan - I won’t be using galleries in SP anymore once I begin IPS - unless I decide to provide digitals to clients that way. In any case, the digitals will be free after they buy products. I am thinking I will do what MakaylaJade does - finalize order in person, give client the total and take payment. I haven’t done a trial on Fundy of what I can do to produce a receipt for the client at the sales session, but won’t have a printer handy to give them the invoice/receipt. I am hoping that I can write up an invoice in SP after the sales session and email a copy to the client. Would this work?
My wall art will be from WHCC - but from what I can see on my Fundy trial, not all frames are shown. I am hoping I can get sample frame files from WHCC to upload to Fundy. Especially the Float Frame Gallery Wrap, which I LOVE.  Thanks for your reply!

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MakaylaJade - thanks so much for your reply. I was thinking that I would order Miller products via Fundy, as they have a direct partnership with Millers and my prints and albums come from Millers. Is there a reason why uploading the final prints to ShootProof would be better for me to do?

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Hey @TinaPecht! Sorry I missed this- if you tag me by typing @Megan and clicking on my picture in the drop down I’ll be able to see that you responded to me :) 

You can absolutely create an invoice to send to the client. I would do that while the client is still with you, send it to them right then and there, and have them submit payment before leaving. To make that quicker, you can set up a template for an invoice and make sure you have their contact information saved in ShootProof. You can also create “items” to use on your invoices, so that you can just pick existing items and build the invoice quickly. 

One thought on your last question to @MakaylaJade - if you’re going to order prints and albums in one order, ordering via Fundy would allow you to do one order. If it’s just prints, check the price of ordering from Fundy vs via ShootProof, as we have negotiated rates with Miller’s. In my opinion, orders are easier to place through ShootProof than Roe’s or Fundy, but you cannot order albums  through ShootProof (this is just my personal opinion of the workflow). Hopefully that makes sense!

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I don’t specifically use Fundy but I believe this would be a good option for you:

Right now, as we are doing virtual sales sessions, I create their gallery with proofs that I watermark upon export from Lightroom. I use these same proofs to design Wall Art mockups created in my software, and upload those images to their galleries. Ideally these are showing their OWN walls, if they did their homework and sent me photos. I also design 2 versions of a Christmas card, and a quick album mockup. I upload a picture of the Frame samples, and a copy of the price list they were given at their session. My welcome message includes a video walkthrough I create in Loom, walking them through the product samples and how to navigate their gallery. When I send the gallery, I personalize the message with their appointment time, a link to the video walkthrough, and the password to their gallery. I tell them to be sure to watch the video and mark their favorite (#) of images before our time together. During the live sales session, I can focus on designing their walls with their favorite images, upselling gift prints, getting feedback on the cards and album proofs and noting revisions if necessary, and finalizing their order. 


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