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  • 16 November 2020
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I was wondering how fast can you create 500 album in one school gallery… I did one by one in lightroom to put the name of each child. Is there a way to improve my workflow?

I know scans and bare codes and apps but this would not work with shootproof I think?

If somone could tell how they do this without loosing their mind :)


Thanks in advance for your time!



5 replies

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You would have to title each image and album separately and by hand. It’s likely that your exporting program will title images, but you would still have to make each album separately. It seems like a lot of work, this is what I would do:

  1. finish edit, save photos with titles you want.
  2. add album to gallery
  3. select the photos, upload to gallery>album
  4. set album cover (optional), limit download to specific client email (optional)

Price sheets, watermarks, and sales can be automated. Restrictions can be placed on each album in the gallery so clients can’t view each other’s photos. 


Thank you. This is what I did 500 times by using lightroom. But I was wondering if any user on shootproof was making high volume photography and how they proceed each time :)


Thank you again!


Hi Oceane


My question is quite similar , I have 950 students to photograph, is there an app within Shootproof to help automate and save time? Qr Codes? Or inserting a .csr form with the data from the school,

Did you find something that worked Oceane?






Just seeing if anyone has found a work around to this, as I would also be interested in a bulk album/gallery creation with bulk password creation for each.


It would be very handy for high volume photography!

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Hey @OcéaneHolbrook, @DamonBowe , @CarmenJacobs and @KarenP 

I have a couple of workflows that sound like they’ll help you out. 

First: Set up a Gallery Preset with the main settings for your volume sales.

This would be settings like the whether the Gallery is active or inactive,  layout, color set, Album-level digital rules, price sheet, Gallery Intro message,  hide album count, email campaigns, etc.  Learn more about Gallery Presets here

Note: you can even have ShootProof auto-select the album cover if you want. 


Second: Create album structure & the photos inside them and apply the Gallery Preset using the Desktop Uploader

Set up your file structure when you’re exporting from Lightroom. You’ll want Gallery Name >  Album Name in your file structure. Be sure you only have photos in the final file level. For instance: 

Once your file structure is set up, drag your parent folder (School Name in the above example) into the Desktop Uploader and choose the preset you made in step one. 


Third: You can generate album passwords

1. Go to Photos > Galleries > click on the specific gallery

2. Click on "Manage Albums"

3. Click "Generate Passwords" in the top right

4. Select the albums you want randomized passwords assigned to

5. Click "Generate Passwords" button


You’ll get a csv of the passwords, which you can then share with the parents/adults. 


You may find that one or all of these will work for you, depending on your workflow. I hope this helps!


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