Hiding specific a la carte items

  • 25 November 2020
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I see you can have a ‘packages only’ option in the cart options for customers galleries, which is great, however I would like to include at least one ‘a la carte’ option in the price sheet too.  So this means an ability to hide specific a la carte items.  Is this possible?

In my case I still want to have the option for clients to purchase individual Print Sizes rather than have to put prints in to a package - as I don’t know how this would work when the package would be a qty of 1??

Can anyone advise please any suggestions or solutions I could use?



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Hi Helen,

I am new to the mentor team here in Shootproof and am going back through to help answer questions that were previously unanswered.  The only way to hide an a la carte item that is in your package is to sell only packages.  You cannot choose to hide specific a la carte items.



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