Help! Clients are blocked from their galleries

  • 7 September 2022
  • 2 replies


I have had several of my clients blocked this past week because the website is compromised due to “malware and phishing”. I am sure it is due to the recent email scam that went out, but now legitimate clients can’t get to their galleries. Anyone else have this problem??

2 replies

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Hi @TammyBrice 


Sorry to hear this is giving your clients some trouble!

Can you please reach out to about this?

It would also be helpful if you can you have your client go to and take a screenshot of this page and pass it along to the team when you reach out.

Just want to make sure everything is resolved for you in the quickest manner!


I’m having the same issue with one of my clients today.


Here is the screenshot:


~ Heather


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