Has anyone found an elegant work around the 2500 bulk download limit?

  • 20 January 2021
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Hi all, 


We do volume underwater photography. We provide the swim school with all the photos once the parents have made their purchases and photos are archived. We most often run over the Shootproof 2500 limit for the ‘download all’ photos. I generally only want to give the pools the ‘social resolution’ images, and so I find myself having to re-export from LR (which is clunky because there are different photographers/editors) to send the social resolution files to the swim school. 

Has anyone found an elegant way to get around the 2500 ‘download all” limit? 


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3 replies

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Hey @WaterPixies! How are you organizing the photos in the gallery? Are they all in a gallery or into albums?

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Hi Megan, 

Each project (school) is a gallery, each individual client (parent) are albums. 

When under 2500 photos in the gallery, my contact (school manager) gets to “download all” photos in the gallery, independent of passwords, etc. When over 2500, there is no good way that I can find to share the images with the contact. 


Hope that makes sense. 

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HI WatePIxies,

I am new to the mentor team with Shootproof and am going back through to help out with unanswered questions.  I hope you were able to find a work around to this, but in case you were not, I would create a second gallery once you hit your 2500 images.  You are correct that certain features, such as “download all” are disabled after 2500, so I would create a second gallery and give them both links. Hope this was helpful!




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