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  • 5 December 2020
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Hi! I have this option turned on: 

Hide Album Photo Count

Keep the number of images held within an album hidden within the client view


However, when the gallery is opened from the client’s end, the gallery shows the total photo count in the main page. The album’s do not show the totals as the option is applied correctly, but the whole gallery shows it. Is there a way to change this? 


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4 replies

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Hey @Cathie! That’s the setting within the Album, correct? There’s one more to turn off- go to Gallery>Settings>Advanced and turn off “Hide Album Photo Count” to hide that for the entire Gallery! Check that and let me know if it fixed what you’re trying to do. 



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Hi! Unfortunately that is the option I was talking about and it didn’t take away the total count under the gallery name.  


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Any other suggestions?

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Hi Cathie,

I am new to the mentor team here in Shootproof and am going back through to help answer questions that were previously unanswered.  There is not a way to hide the total gallery count, only the individual album count.



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