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When I preview a gallery, the quality of the images is not good.  I know they are tack sharp on my end but the gallery my clients see are not high quality.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a setting somewhere I need to change?

I need my clients to see the quality of my work and right now that isn’t happening.  

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Hi @VickiReece 

That seems strange for sure. I know my galleries are sharp, so I wondering what size of images you are uploading, also what device are they viewing them on?



Mine are like that too. I upload in sRGB original resolution 300, usually 3000+ long edge. I have been trying to figure out why are my clients images fuzzy when mine are sharp! I use iMac and we both use iPhones. When she downloads her Original resolution and uploads them to social media it’s just terrible how big of a difference hers is than my social media upload. 

Also, My photos look a lot sharper in my Lightroom & on my Mac also even much sharper on social media than it is when I’ve uploaded to shootproof gallery. 

But comparing from my LR & drive to shootproofs gallery it is a very noticeable difference. I’m almost ready to give up shootproof and go elsewhere to be honest. I have to use professional printers directly from my Mac instead of ordering prints through shootproof due to this issue. 



That is exactly what is happening to me as well. Pictures so sharp on my computer. I even downloaded them lower res for social media but the moment the clients receive it and they post them- they are so blurry it’s embarrassing! I can’t afford to have this happening! Three clients now. 

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Hey everyone - someone else has mentioned this in another thread too. I’m looking into it to see if there’s something that changed!


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