Free Digitals in Album?

  • 3 June 2021
  • 1 reply


Is it possible to set up Free Digitals for an album? Here’s what I need it for: 

I shot headshots for a company and each employee receives X number of digitals. So I created one gallery with the company name and individual albums for each employee. 

How do people who shoot school portraits, etc., do this?




1 reply

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Hi @AlejandraRamello! How many albums are there? You could set up a digital permission for “X free” for each album, then password-protect the albums and share the individual album link directly with each person.

Technically, you could allow X free per person at the gallery level, if you can ensure they’re not going to go into each others’ albums. If there are lots of albums, that may be the way to go.



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