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  • 20 October 2020
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Sorry if this has been asked before.  My question is this: 

I take sports team photos and I offer individual photos at a price and I offer team photos at a different price with a discount if clients purchase both.  I can’t put team photos in the same gallery as individual photos as shootproof doesn’t know the difference between them.  Which means putting team photos in one gallery and individual photos into another.  Is there a way of still offering a discount if a client choose a team photo and an individual photo? 

Cheers, Peter



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Hi Peter,

I am new to the mentor team here in Shootproof and am going back through to help answer questions that were previously unanswered.  There is not a way to combine orders from different galleries.  One workaround would be to have them purchase the individual photo first and once they have done that, you could go into the team gallery and create a coupon code for the team photo.  This is obviously time intensive depending on the number of orders you are looking at, but would accomplish your goal.  The other option is to put each individual photo into its own album along with a team photo as well.  Then you could set up a discount code if they purchased both photos out of that album. 



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