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  • 9 September 2022
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I want to limit my linked contact to only be able to download all the free social size images one time. But I dont see how to do that you can limit number but that doesnt make sense since they could not choose all and download one image several times then not have enough to choose the others. But now i have the client downloading images several times ..Isnt there a way to do One complete download and done or is that up to me to turn it off? Im sure they are downloading then sharing with family...they are social size so printing wouldnt look so good.. but many just share digitally. 


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1 reply

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Hi @DanyaKurka 

Currently, there is no way to make it so that your linked contact can only download one time overall when the ‘Download All’ option is enabled. Instead, you’d just need to create a Free Digitals rule that limits the total number of images your client can download (eg: 5, 10, 15). Once they have reached the limit, they won’t be able to download anymore.


Alternatively, you could add a Free Digitals rule with the ‘Download All’ option enabled, and delete the rule as soon as they have been downloaded one time.


Hope this is helpful!


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