Day 2: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof

  • 10 November 2020
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Day 2: How to Launch a Black Friday Offer Using ShootProof
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The second step in launching a Black Friday offer is here! 


Every day this week, we are going to walk through the steps you need to set up a special limited offer you can use for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday.  ICYMI, start with Day One, then head back here for Day Two

You’ve chosen your offer, let’s jump into price sheet strategy.


First, setting up a new price sheet vs using an existing price sheet. Consider which offer you’ve selected: if you’re going to offer a single, limited package or a single new product, creating a new price sheet with the single offer may be the best choice. However, if you offer multiple session types with a complex price sheet system, it may be easier to set up discounts on those price sheets. 


Ultimately, you want to consider the path of least resistance for both your customer and you as you are managing this process. There isn’t an overarching  “one is better than the other”, but hopefully the points of consideration offered here make the decision easy-peasy. 

Whether you choose to create a new price sheet or use an existing one, here are a few tips for you:



Using Sample Images in your Product Listings

All about Price Sheets: creating and editing a Price Sheet, customize settings,  creating Packages, and using Discounts.


Are you creating a new price sheet for your campaign or using an existing one? How is that going to uphold your client experience? Share your thoughts below for others to consider as well!



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