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  • 11 April 2021
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Can a Category label be added to individual Albums that’s in a Gallery? For example,

HS Alapha is the Gallery Name and these are the Albums Categories that I would like to Use

  • Football
    • HS Alpha vs HS Bravo
    • HS Alpha vs HS Tango
  • Soccer
    • HS Alpha vs HS Charlie
    • HS Alpha vs HS Papa
  • Baseball
    • HS Alpha vs HS Delta
  • Softwball
    • HS Alpha vs HS Hotel

When I chage the Category label to match the sport within the Gallery, it changes the category for all the different sporting events. Hope this makes sense.

3 replies

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Hey @OzzyJaime! I think I understand what you’re wanting to do: have one gallery for the entire school, and organize the photos into albums and sub-albums, first by sport, and then by match. 

Categories only apply at the Gallery level, and are used for you to sort & filter on the back end, and to sort & filter on your ShootProof Homepage. So, if your desired customer flow is for them to go to your ShootProof Homepage and then sort by the sport, you would need to organize the Gallery by Sport, instead of by High School. 

Does this answer make sense? Honestly, I think your current organization structure makes sense, especially if you are photographing multiple schools. However, if you’re only doing the 1 school, you might consider switching to the Sport-type organization - essentially take your second-level organization and make it your top level. If this is confusing, let me know and I’ll try to explain it better!



Hello @Megan.

Thanks for the response. I’m not quite sure I follow you or maybe “my” explaination wasn’t clear. Would you have time for a quick phone call?

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@OzzyJaime Our support team would be more than happy to work through this over the phone with you! Give them a call tomorrow at 866-516-5130. They are available from 9a-5p EDT. I’m unfortunately not hooked up to the support phone system. They’ll be able to help you sort out an organization method!


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