Can you watermark only certain albums in a gallery?

  • 25 August 2020
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Is there a way to only watermark certain albums in the Gallery?

If a client has paid for a few images, but they may buy more it would be important to have this option.


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Hi @Rob! There isn’t an explicit setting inside ShootProof to watermark only selected photos, but you can add a watermark on import using the Desktop Uploader- so you could import the photos you’d like watermarked, then turn off the setting and upload the remainder. 

However, it might be easier to simply watermark all of the photos upon import because ShootProof will remove the watermark from the photo once it’s purchased. 

How do you currently fulfill the pre-paid images? Through Free Digitals or through a coupon code?


I am new to Shoot Proof so at the moment through free digitals.

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First, welcome! So glad to have you in the ShootProof family!!

Second, Free Digitals totally works for this. If you watermark all of the images, then you can make sure the watermark is removed when your client downloads the images by toggling “Apply a Watermark to Downloaded Files” OFF, and limit the number of photos to how many they’ve pre-paid. (The example below shows Unlimited.  You can either select from the drop-down menu or type the number of photos into the field. I hope this helps! If you have more questions, let me know! 



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