Can clients sort by date, or timestamp, and file names in thumbnail view

  • 21 August 2021
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Is it possible for clients to sort images in sub-galleries by image date or “timestamp”? I don’t see this option on the client side. Also, when I change the sort-by-date options in the back end, the sort order doesn’t seem to be affected by changing from old to new or vice versa. The image exif info I have access to is “date created.”

Also, I have the exif tag search functionality activated, but it seems that it searches all the images in the whole gallery, not limited to a sub gallery for example. It would be more useful for my clients if, when they are in a sub gallery, the search function would be limited to that particular gallery, and not show them a bunch of images they aren’t looking for.


Also, is there a way to display filenames in thumbnail view?




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Hi @SeanDungan

  • Clients don’t have the ability to sort images other than how you’ve sorted them.
  • If you don’t see the sort order change when you change the sort-by-date option, reach out to - they can take a look at your gallery to see what might be happening.
  • Exif search does search the entire gallery, but I can see how it would be helpful to limit the search to an album in volume instances...Have you shared that feedback in the Ideas section?
  • As you’ve found, thumbnails are only displayed in the full image view, not on thumbnails. At this time, that functionality doesn’t exist. 

Let me know if you have any other questions! 


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