Bigger file size upload!!

  • 17 November 2021
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Let us upload bigger file size please~~ :)


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Hi Matthew, Shootproof supports file uploads up to 50MB per file.  What file size do you need to be able to upload?


YES OMG! I shoot on a Sony a7R IV in pixel shift mode - my files are often over 200MB (sometimes 2GB!). This 50 megabyte 100MP limit is very 2001 😕 also please allow uploading TIFF files and other color spaces. I can’t imagine charging my clients to download a 50MB jpeg in srgb. Y’all can easily accept a 2GB TIFF in ProPhoto and convert it to sRGB for display on the site. This is 2021 there are tons of software libraries that make this easy. Please just allow arbitrary file uploads with no file size cap and charge me by the GB used on my account. This is something that it seems ALL of these photo gallery sites get wrong. I’ve evaluated a bunch of these sites this week and this one is my favorite - except this one huge sticking point.


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