Apply discounts to packages & be able to "hide" products.

  • 27 January 2021
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 I had an awful issue today where I had to have the client place an order and I will have to refund them the discount they should have been able to get, all because I can’t apply the discount I need to anything ordered with packages. I provide my clients with 10% OFF their digital orders when they purchase $500 in wall art. Well, the wall art they almost always purchase are wood prints that come in “clusters” which i had to create in the packages section. That was frustrating enough but now I can’t create a custom discount? Shouldn't we get to decide what can and can not be applied to products we offer? A lot of flexibility here would make this much more simple for the user and our clients.

Additionally, I offer wood prints in clusters and some are available individually. However, the lab I use provides these clusters with strange sizes that I can not offer individually (ie these sizes are only available in the clusters) So, I had to put these strange sizes in to the gallery as individual options and price them at 3K each and list them as NOT AVAILABLE just so I would then be able to put them in to packages (ie the clusters I offer). This is frustrating. It would be great if we could offer items in packages and “hide those same items from the cart so they only show in the packages section. This is making me want to switch to a different gallery provider with all of these limitations. I used to only use shootproof to deliver digital files and sometimes print orders as I used to do IPS. Now that we are dealing with covid, what little work I do get, I have to use online galleries to complete the ordering process. I don’t want so many roadblocks to make this possible!


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Hi @MelissaHubbard! This does sound like a really frustrating experience. I’d love to see if I can help smooth it out a bit, but it’s going to take me a bit to type out my response. Just wanted you to know I see you, I hear you, and I’m going to help the best I can! 

Can you check your price sheet and tell me what kind of discount you were using? There are some limitations with discounts and packages working together, so that info will be helpful. Thanks :) 



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Hi Melissa,

I am new to the mentor team and am going through to answer any questions that were not completed this year!  I hope you were able to find the answers you were looking for, but in the event that you still have these questions, I am happy to answer them for you.  

The Shootproof system does not allow you to put in a discount to an order containing packages.  I realized this is frustrating, however, so you are welcome to add this to the ideas section of our community to be looked at for future updates.  (I am not in product development, so I do not know the logistics of this or how possible it is, but it is helpful to add it to the list in case it can be added or a workaround can be provided.)

There is not currently a way to hide a la carte products that appear in packages.  My suggestion was going to be to make the price exorbitant so that it wouldn’t be ordered.  The other option is to make a single product option for the cluster and have the client email you to let you know which images they would want (since the system will think they are only ordering one thing, it will only allow them to select one image.






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