Anyone get a Mobile app to work on an Android that is using Firefox as the primary search engine?

  • 18 April 2021
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So I prefer to use Firefox as my primary browser and usually don’t think twice that I’m not using Google Chrome.  For some reason the mobile app doesn’t work in Firefox or at least I haven’t found a fix for it.  It’s a little frustrating because you need anything but safari to play music when a client looks at a Gallery and now Firefox doesn’t allow the app to work.  

My Work Around when Firefox is your default browser:  (This will be something you’ll need to help your clients with)

  1. Click the app link in your email.
  2. Copy and paste the web address
  3. Open up the Google Chrome app
  4. Paste your link in in the Google Chrome address bar
  5. Click Go
  6. Follow the steps as you would normally. 
    1. Click the 3 dots
    2. Click add to home screen
    3. Walah!

Hope this helps.



1 reply

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Hi @Gabe Santos!


Thanks for sharing this. It seems like this might be an ongoing issue as Chrome and Firefox keep updating their browsers to facilitate internet 2.0 standards and every update changes something. Hopefully we see some stability soon!




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