Anyone Else Having Problems With Braintree?

  • 25 December 2020
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Hi All,

Merry Christmas One And All!

Just a quick question. I joined Shootproof as part of the Black Friday deal.

While trying to set things up I thought that I would integrate Braintree to enable clients to make purchases.

I have contacted their sales team several times to try and sort an account, but I have not had any reply at all.

Is it just me that they are ignoring, or has anyone else had the same problem and, if so, did you manage to resolve it?

Thanks in advance,


7 replies


Hi Martin,


We are on the same boat. :frowning2:

I have tried to contact Brain Tree several times for the past 2 months to follow up on my applicatio and I am still waiting for them to reply.

I also have a PayPal Business Acc but for some reason ShootProof says that my credential are not set correctly. I don’t know what to do…



Thanks for the reply.

Strange that they are just ignoring messages.

Let’s hope they are a bit more reliable with the services that they offer.


Same happens to me. If you have any solution, tell us! 


@meeswn I wish I had found one. I have finally managed to install PayPal website payment pro instead. It is working well but PayPal take commission on each transaction. I think it is worth it as it is making it easier to track your invoices. 
Do you have a PayPal business acc? 


I have finally had a reply from Braintree, so let’s see what happens. Last time I checked PayPal, to receive payments and transfer the funds to my bank account was going to cost me around 7% per transaction, which is ridiculous.

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I used to use PayPal for my processor, but to be honest (not a sales pitch), I find it easier to just use the ShootProof gateway. It takes a few days for the fund to transfer, but I preferred the simplicity over the speed. I’ve had too many issues with PayPal that it finally drove me away.


Yes, Sadly shootproof doesn’t offer any other payment systems here, so I am stuck with them. I tried to contact them months ago. It took them 3 months and a few “reminder” emails to finally get back to me. 


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