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  • 16 July 2020
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I want to set up an automated email to folks who add items to their cart but do not continue with a purchase.

I can see from the templates avail to me that I can use variable such as 







What I want to add is a link to the users shopping cart and its content. What variables would I use to get this info in a template. I’ve searched the help, the community and even emailed support but no luck. Is there a list of the table fields somewhere?

Ideally I would like a link to the cart, I would like to address the email with their name an include a list of item in their cart.




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2 replies

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hi @KristinaBedward! The reason you’re unable to locate it is because unfortunately this isn’t something that is available.  To get something like this requested head over to Share Your Ideas, which is a direct line to recommend features, get them voted on, and make them visible to our product team (the folks who build ShootProof).


I’m sorry that I’m not able to provide you with the solution you’re looking for. The only link that can be sent is to the gallery, so that’s your best bet.

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Thanks Joy!



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