Let's Chat: What are you most proud of in your client experience?

  • 18 December 2020
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Let's Chat: What are you most proud of in your client experience?
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Client experience is a huge part of attracting your ideal client, and the experience a photographer creates varies greatly from family to wedding to commercial to boudoir to newborn! 


For instance, some photographers send custom gifts to every client. Some have champagne waiting when they arrive, and some photographers come prepared with an arsenal of toys! Is there something that your clients comment on repeatedly or are amazed by? 


What is one piece of your client experience that you are most proud of? A skill you developed, something that magnetically attracts your clients, or a certain series of emails you send that make a total difference? 


Personally, I’ll be adding Welcome Packets to my client workflow in 2021, and to make it *super* easy (and avoid overthinking the process), I’m using a Design Aglow Client Welcome Packet so that my clients are fully prepared for their portrait sessions. Do you use a welcome packet?


If client experience is something you struggle with - drop a question in the comments for other photographers to weigh in on! 

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When I’m working in the studio it’s the experience that my clients like. 

I work with my camera linked to my PC so we can work through the shots to ensure that they are getting what they want.


For my wedding photography it’s being able to help the couple with other aspects not directly linked to the photography. For example I advise my couples to use their time doing the bride and groom shots to take a few moments afterwards to get some alone time. 





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