Where are the other products from labs?

  • 15 December 2020
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I’ve noticed that when I try to add lab fulfilled options in my price sheets that not all products and options are available from the list that the lab offers. For instance; Bay Photo Lab offers 3 thicknesses of canvas prints, but in the pricing it only shows one thickness. 

I share their unbranded catalog with my clients, and they can see all of the printing options, but in their gallery, they do not have the option to purchase these. The same applies to the sports products offered by Millers Lab and their price options within Shootproof.

Am I missing something?

3 replies


I have a similar question. I have always mounted all my prints 5x7” and larger on artboard, which Miller’s offers, but I don’t see a way to add that on lab-fulfilled orders. The options are very limited on prints. Would love any ideas or workarounds!

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@TC Photography  what you’re seeing is accurate- we have certain products with each lab that have negotiated rates, and only those products are reflected on ShootProof price sheets. If there are specific products you’re looking for, you can request them in Share Your Ideas - search first and see if someone else has requested it, and add your vote, or create a new request!

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@HollyBirchSmith the print mounting options are accessible from inside the Order. Click on “Edit Item” under the line item, and you’ll see the mounting options in a box that pops up:

Adding mounting will add to the overall cost, so make sure you price accordingly in your Price Sheet! :) 


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