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  • 25 August 2020
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I do a soft edit proofing gallery for my clients, and they they choose which images they would like to purchase either in digital form or products.  I will be setting up digital packages (3, 10, and full gallery) but having them Self Fulfilled, since I don’t want them downloaded until I have finished editing their chosen images.  I see there is an option to not tax the ShootProof Fulfilled digitals, but if I create the digital packages with self fulfilled, I also don’t want to charge sales tax.  (In my state, we do not charge tax if there is no product involved).  Is there a way to not charge sales tax on self-fulfilled digitals as well?

2 replies

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Hi @KarenLeuch,

I created a self-fulfilled digital item in my current studio pricing sheet. I set the price at $1.00 (for testing) and went through the check-out process. I have my print lab set to handle all the pricing, etc., so when I selected only the self-fulfilled option, it did NOT charge sales tax. Are you having different results? Could you test with just a single self-fulfilled digital package? 



I have the same issue. Utilizing the self-fulfilled digitals under the digitals product selection does NOT allow for sales tax to be omitted. It only allows for shootproof fulfilled digitals. I shoot 5 schools with over 600 students. There is NO way I can fully edit every image before they are shown to clients for digital delivery.

To streamline my process, I do minor edits and then when they purchase I finish editing for blemishes etc.  Currently if I use the self-fulfilled under digitals I have to refund them NYS sales tax, royal pain and makes my business look unprofessional.  

If I choose to create a Product and manually create a digital product, I still have to refund them sales tax.   

If I choose to use the shootproof fulfilled, I place listings in the marketing banner, the terms of sales, the product description and pending status of their sale that it will take 2 weeks until they receive their digital images fully edited.   I still have clients that do not read any of that information.

It would solve a ton of issues to have the choice to have self-fulfilled tax free. 


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